Police Criminal Statistics (PKS) for 2016 were released by Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) on 24 April 2017.

CIW NEWS published an initial analysis of crime data, combining it with population data from the end of 2016 to calculate overall 2016 crime rate in Germany by nationality. But using end of 2016 population data understated crime rates for nationalities that had significantly increased their numbers in Germany over the year, such as Afghans.

As a result, the analysis was recomputed using population averages for a wider range of nationalities provided by Germany's Federal Statistics Office in its 2016 Population and Employment: Foreign Population. Then the analysis was expanded to a more specific range of crimes tabled below. All are at the highest level of the Crime Catalog 2016:

Offense NumberOffenses / groups (name)Offenses / groups (name) in English
000000Straftaten gegen das LebenCrimes against life
100000Straftaten gegen die sexuelle SelbstbestimmungCrimes against sexual self-determination
200000Rohheitsdelikte und Straftaten gegen die persönliche FreiheitBrutality and crimes against personal freedom
3***00Diebstahl ohne erschwerende Umstände §§ 242, 247, 248a-c StGB und zwarTheft without aggravating circumstances §§ 242, 247, 248a-c StGB
4***00Diebstahl unter erschwerenden Umständen §§ 243-244a StGB und zwarTheft under aggravating circumstances §§ 243-244a StGB
****00Diebstahl insgesamt und zwarTheft total
500000Vermögens- und FälschungsdelikteAssets and forgery offenses
600000Sonstige Straftatbestände (StGB)Other offenses (Criminal Code) [e.g. civil disorder, trespassing, obstructing justice, receiving stolen]
700000700000 Strafrechtliche NebengesetzeCrimes under additional laws [e.g. commercial, immigration and drug offenses]

Additionally, to allow comparison to other country's homicide and rape statistics, CIW NEWS has expanded the analysis to:

Offense NumberOffenses / groups (name)Offenses / groups (name) in English
Mord § 211 StGB
Totschlag § 212 StGB
Murder § 211 of the Criminal Code
Homicide § 212 of the Criminal Code
111000Vergewaltigung und sexuelle Nötigung §§ 177 Abs. 2, 3 und 4, 178 StGBRape and sexual assault §§ 177 para. 2, 3 and 4, 178 of the Criminal Code