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National Council election on 15 Oct 2017  IFES Election Guide                                     Link only
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Off-year elections on 7 Nov 2017  Wikipedia                                                       Link only
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Presidential election on 18 Mar 2018  Wikipedia                                                   Link only
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Parliamentary elections on 9 Sep 2018  Wikipedia                                                  Link only
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Presidential election on 15 Oct 2018  Wikipedia                                                   Link only

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Crime Statistics by Location  CIW NEWS                                                                 List
  3w 3d ago
Criminality Statistics by Background  CIW NEWS                                                         List
16y  9m 2w 4d ago
Homicide & Aggr Assault Rates/100000 vs Lethality Rate   Homicide Studies                         Link Only
  1w 4d ago
Homicide Rate by Country   CIW NEWS                                                         Chart and Table
  1w 4d ago
Homicide Rate of Richest Black Country  CIW NEWS                                         Analysis and Table
  1w 4d ago
Homicide Rate of Richest Black County  CIW NEWS                                          Analysis and Table
5y 11m 0w 5d ago
Homicide Rates by Race  Bureau of Justice Statistics                                              Link only
  5m 3w 4d ago
Police Criminal Statistics 2016  CIW NEWS                                                Analysis and Table

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Cultures  CIW NEWS                                                                                     List
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GDP per Capita  CIW NEWS                                                                    Chart and Table
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IQ  CIW NEWS                                                                                Chart and Table
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Main nationalities of illegal border-crossers Q1 2017  Frontex                                    Link only
1y  0m 2w 1d ago
Main nationalities of illegal border-crossers Q3 2016  Frontex                                    Link only
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Population  CIW NEWS                                                                        Chart and Table
  5m 4w 1d ago
Refugees  CIW NEWS                                                                          Chart and Table
  5m 4w 1d ago
Refugees (Syrian)  CIW NEWS                                                                 Chart and Table
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Total Fertility Rate  CIW NEWS                                                              Chart and Table
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Welfare and Related Statistics  CIW NEWS                                                               List

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Aircraft Carrier Operators  CIW NEWS                                                        Chart and Table
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Bloodiest Current Wars  CIW NEWS                                                                       List
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Casualties from Islamist Attacks between Jan 2016 and Sep 2017  CIW NEWS                    Chart and Table
  1w 1d ago
Casualties from Islamist Attacks per 100,000 Muslim Inhabitants  CIW NEWS                   Chart and Table
  1w 2d ago
Military Personnel as Percent of Population by Country  CIW NEWS                            Chart and Table
  1w 2d ago
Military Personnel Numbers by Country  CIW NEWS                                             Chart and Table
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Nuclear Powers  CIW NEWS                                                                    Chart and Table

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Articles  CIW NEWS                                                                                    Links
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Crowdfunding  CIW NEWS                                                                                Links
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Hate Hoaxes  CIW NEWS                                                                                 Links
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Opinion Polls  CIW NEWS                                                                                List
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Ngrams  CIW NEWS                                                                        Charts and Analysis