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More than anything, this site will inform readers about events around the world and trends affecting home:
After 38 Europeans were slaughtered in Tunisia in 2015, one of the survivors said:
“We don’t want to stay here. We just want to get home now, right now. I want to go home.”

To which I mused in these pages…

Home. Yes, it’s critical to our psychic health and general well-being to have one of those. I’m certain young Ms. Makin is a dutiful and tolerant liberal not yet sufficiently seasoned to logically expand on her sentiment. Though one day, at least subconsciously, she will.

Home is not just geography. Home is a place of comfort, safety, and familiarity. Of mutual trust and understanding. Of common past and shared future. Home is where children play without fear in a parent’s eyes. Home is where speaking honestly offends no shrill aliens. Home is what is passed from your father to your son. And most importantly, home belongs uniquely to you.

There are great swaths of her country now no more Ms. Makin’s home than the violent North African city she longs to escape. And when those swaths broaden to encompass everything, where will her children seek sanctuary upon saying: I want to go home.