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Nigerian arrested for chopping up an 18-year-old Italian girl.

Il Giornale (translated):

Parts of women, perfectly washed, divided into two trolleys. It is horror in the countryside of Pollenza, in the province of Macerata, where yesterday a passerby made the macabre discovery. But the yellow on the identity of the body lasted only a few hours, because during the day the investigators found that the body, tremendously dismembered, belonged to Pamela Mastropietro. Arrested yesterday evening a Nigerian boy already known to the police, resumed with Pamela from the cameras of a pharmacy in Macerata while he followed the eighteen year old. Taken to the barracks, the immigrant denied any involvement in the girl’s death and, indeed, would have provided the names of other people.

The girl, 18, had disappeared three days ago from the Pars recovery community of Corridonia. A voluntary departure, which had shaken the family, friends, and boyfriend, who had launched appeals on social networks, asking the girl to come back, to be heard. He was also involved in the program Who saw it ?, explaining that the eighteen year old, a meter and 65, eyes and brown hair, originally from Rome, was going through a period of great fragility and could need help. In these two days of silence, in which she had no more news, the girl met her killer.


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Pollenza, Macerata is in the middle of the map below.

54.5° N
9.2° W
35.9° E
32° N


Pollenza, Macerata, Italy

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