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Violence associated with the 8,000 Chechens in Bradenberg are causing great concern to police.

Allgemeiner Zeitung (translated):

Nine men from the North Caucasus beating each other on Tuesday, 13.30 clock, in front of the largest shopping center of Neuruppin (Ostprignitz-Ruppin). An 18-year-old member of the Chechen family M. is arrested. Members of the asylum-seeker family were already on Saturday afternoon in the market place of Wittstock involved in blows. They struck, because they had felt provoked by German youth “by hawking”, as the police reported.

A family of eight keeps the police in suspense. “It is a problem, here the rule of law is required,” warns Toralf Reinhardt, spokesman for the Police Directorate North. The rule of law should “no longer turn a blind eye” . Is there any further open conflict with asylum seekers threatening to poison the social atmosphere after the events in Cottbus?


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