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Listed in the article are signs that people are subject to modern slavery
several unrelated adults living at a single address

people being regularly collected very early in the morning and/or returned late at night

signs of injury, malnourishment and a general untidy appearance

people being isolated from the rest of the community

people who live and work at the same address in poor conditions

women being kept in houses where there are large numbers of male visitors

people who don’t know their address

people who cannot produce their documents

people who often seem anxious and fearful, especially in the presence of a ‘friend’ or interpreter who appears to be controlling them and their answers


Birmingham Mail:

Thirteen people have been arrested on suspicion of modern slavery following a series of early morning raids in Birmingham.

Nine men and four women – aged 18 to 60 and all Polish nationals – have been arrested on suspicion of slavery offences and taken into custody for questioning.

This followed simultaneous swoops on residential premises in Handsworth on Thursday morning as part of an investigation into the exploitation of Eastern European workers.


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