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260522Z JAN 18


About 30 teens verbally and physically harass people. “The nationalities [of the gang members] are mixed.”

Hannoversche Allgemeine:

The Niki-de-Saint-Phalle-Promenade on the Kröpcke has a problem with aggressive young people. Around 30 teenagers insult, shove and harass pedestrians and businesspeople at the junction of the Passerelle and the Stadtbahn station. The young people usually gather for the weekend from about 18 clock in front of the McDonald’s branch and spread a threatening climate. The phenomenon has become so great that both the police and the security company Protec want to take greater action against the adolescents.

Almost all traders know the group, but hardly anyone wants to call his name out of concern for the gang. “They always cause stress here,” says the operator of a business. The whole thing had started in the fall. “They argue very loud, even two girls in front of my shop,” says the man. When he had intervened, he had been massively insulted by the two. “They make such a noise that sometimes we do not even understand the customers in the shop,” says another business person on the Niki boardwalk. Also with her, a colleague intervened in December “and was then mobbed himself”.


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Berlin, Germany

Germany (DE) is estimated to have a population of 82.2 million with a growth rate during 2010-2015 of 0.1% pa.
At the same rate of change, in five years' time its population will increase by 0.4 million.
However, the rate has been much higher since 2015 when two million immigrants entered Germany (1.14 million net).