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This article by Andy J. Semotiuk, “a U.S. and Canadian immigration lawyer, published author and former UN Correspondent with offices in New York and Toronto”, is supported with misrepresentations.

Early on, the author claims “only 2.4 percent of the French population are originally from Maghrebian countries”. 10% is the most common estimate cited by reputable sources.

Near the article’s end, he claims:

A more North American approach that rationalizes immigration by metrics employing more objective criteria could gradually reduce tensions. In a sense this is what Macron’s policy is trying to achieve with his “Talent Passport” initiative which could result in a better quality of immigrants from North Africa.
But the majority of legal migration into the US is family chain migration, something he should know as a US immigration lawyer.

In the rest of the article he argues against France being for the French people.

A narrow French nationalism needs to be replaced by a broader French patriotism. Until that happens, the problems of immigration will continue to plague France.
Until French patriotism is emptied of all substance, he argues, the countries problems will continue.


When French President Emmanuel Macron recently visited Calais, he defended his immigration policies. Talking about the 100,000 new asylum claims filed in France last year, he made a distinction in his speech between economic migrants and refugees fleeing persecution. His message was balanced yet firm. He asserted that economic migrants should be turned back, while genuine refugees allowed to stay.

Following terrorist attacks in France two year ago, a sharp debate about immigration broke out. In addition to the National Front that never misses an opportunity to express its anti-immigrant views politically, Eric Zammour, a prominent French figure, ignited considerable controversy on television and radio programs in which he blamed all the troubles of France on French Muslim communities, particularly from North Africa, even though only 2.4 percent of the French population are originally from Maghrebian countries. A recent headline in Causeur, a popular French newspaper, proclaimed: “Immigration: France falls apart.” According to journalist Elizabeth Levy, the author of the headline, “the debate over immigration in France is still impossible.”


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At the same rate of change, in five years' time its population will increase by 1.7 million.