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VoE omitted from the title Europe’s children as victims.

Voice of Europe:

After the large-scale influx of migrants a trend began to emerge in a lot of European countries: Stories of European women being attacked or sexually assaulted by migrant men.

The first major incidents happened in Germany and Sweden, where group tactics were used by migrants to rob, assault or rape women (this same tactic of mobs preying on women was seen in Egypt’s Tahrir square). This rapidly evolved to an unprecedented scale of sexual assaults Europe had not seen in centuries.

Cologne, New Year’s eve 2015/2016: The night started by looking like a normal German New Year’s Eve celebration; like many cities throughout Europe squares were filling up with decent, law-abiding revellers.


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Berlin - capital of Germany - is in the middle of the map below.

63.8° N
9.1° W
35.9° E
41.3° N


Berlin, Germany

Germany (DE) is estimated to have a population of 82.2 million with a growth rate during 2010-2015 of 0.1% pa.
At the same rate of change, in five years' time its population will increase by 0.4 million.
However, the rate has been much higher since 2015 when two million immigrants entered Germany (1.14 million net).