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Swiss media reports that Greek authorities are not providing DNA samples of an African believed to have raped a woman in Switzerland.
A then 26-year-old woman was ripped off her bike by a stranger at Emmen an der Reuss and raped in a nearby forest. The victim suffered the most serious injuries during the attack. Her arms and legs were paralyzed, according to the authorities after the fact. Also, the woman could not be questioned for a long time due to their state of health for the incident.

20 Minuten (translated):

Because the Lucerne public prosecutor’s office no new investigation approaches, the case of the rape of Emmen is temporarily put on hold.

However, there is still no DNA sample that could possibly lead to the unscrupulous culprit: “We have data that leads to a person who was at the time of the crime near the crime scene and whose signal applies to the wanted perpetrator” says Simon Kopp, spokesman for the Lucerne Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Lucerne prosecutor is angry

The public prosecutor’s office also has details of this person’s previous whereabouts in Greece. Although the Greek authorities have been receiving a request for legal assistance from Lucerne since October 2015, the desired DNA sample has not yet been taken to the chagrin of the Lucerne Public Prosecutor’s Office. Kopp: “For us it is inexplicable that our concerns do not seem to be taken seriously.”


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