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A possibility being considered is that the traumatic brain injuries to US and Canadian diplomats are the results of a virus.

NBC News:

It’s not just the U.S. State Department that is baffled by the health problems of diplomats who’ve worked in Cuba. The Canadian government said Wednesday it also has no idea who or what is behind the mysterious ailments.

At a briefing in Ottawa, a Canadian official said eight of their citizens stationed in Havana, out of 27 tested, required medical care after reporting symptoms that ranged from dizziness and headaches to nosebleeds. Three diplomatic families left Cuba as a result, the official said.

The United States says 24 Americans affiliated with the embassy in Cuba have reported similar symptoms and signs consistent with traumatic brain injury. The State Department recalled all nonemergency personnel in late September and has no plans to return them, straining ties with Cuba.


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