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IS held the dam for a couple of weeks in August 2014 before it was recaptured by Kurdish and Iraqi forces assisted by US airpower.

Fox News:

From the crack of dawn to a starry dusk, hundreds of technicians from around the world can be seen against a backdrop of pale-colored mountains and a still, sapphire reservoir. It appears serene and picturesque, but those workers are rushing to salvage Iraq’s deteriorating Mosul Dam – which was once under ISIS control and straddles the Tigris River just 40 miles upstream from the city of Mosul.

Failure to reinforce and maintain the dam could mean unleashing what is, in effect, a potential weapon of mass destruction.

“When we started, the risk assessment regarding the potential fate of the dam was very high. And ISIS had stolen everything that was here,” Carlos Morales, deputy project manager for Trevi, the Italian company awarded the repair and maintenance contract to prevent catastrophe, told Fox News on a recent exclusive visit to Mosul Dam.


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Mosul Dam, Nineveh Governorate is in the middle of the map below.

47.9° N
20.3° E
65.3° E
25.4° N


Mosul Dam, Nineveh Governorate, Iraq

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