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Leading Austrian press agency APA (similar to the AP) incorrectly reported that an Austrian had taken part in a brutal attack along with two Afghans. But the police report makes clear only two Afghans were involved. Newspaper Blick claims that the APA has also been the source of other misleading claims in Austrian media.

Wochen Blick (translated):

A brutal attack on a car driver in Linz now causes plenty of swirl ( “Wochenblick” reported ). A 23-year-old suspected asylum-carer with Afghan citizenship is said to have blocked a street in Linz with a compatriot. Subsequently, the 23-year-old even attacked a car driver!

Now circulating in various mainstream media, the message that it was the Brutalo-Schläger not Afghans, but a 23-year-old Linzer acted.

But no local

“According to the now available police press release, a 23-year-old from Linz spent the night of December 30, together with two Afghan escorts, in the city,” reports the newspaper “Wiener Zeitung”.


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Linz, Upper Austria is in the middle of the map below.

59.6° N
8.2° W
36.8° E
37.1° N


Linz, Upper Austria, Austria

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