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The main conservative rival of Breitbart’s mentioned in the article is Fox News.


Breitbart News was already contending with an exodus of advertisers. Now the public face of the conservative outlet is gone, and competitors are licking their chops.

Steve Bannon’s departure Tuesday settled the immediate crisis at Breitbart, which had to decide whether to stand by its executive chairman or part ways because of his rift with President Donald Trump. But a bevy of other right-wing news and commentary providers have sprung forth to cater to Trump supporters, and the anti-establishment tone of Breitbart’s coverage may not be as titillating now that Trump is very much the establishment.

Little has been disclosed about Breitbart’s finances or other investors. The Mercer family has invested $10 million in the site, the New Yorker magazine reported. Bannon gave up his equity in Breitbart when he joined the White House, and the Mercers publicly split with him after his criticism of Trump’s family surfaced this month in Michael Wolff’s book “Fire and Fury.”


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