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The husband of the attack victim hired Mohammed H. because he “searched for an Arab hairdresser, to offer something special to the customers of the region”. The victim:
… suffered from constant panic attacks since the knife attack which caused cut wounds in the neck, breasts and stomach, and from post traumatic stress syndrome. She also described that Ilona F. had come in for “Emails that aren’t pretty”, since three days before Christmas when the trial had started, when it became public that the defendant had admitted consuming drugs, and an affair with his boss, to the police.
Some thoughts from the translator:
Normally, I object to victim-blaming. In view of how intense the brainwashing is in Germany, it does not seem right to seek fault with a 15 year old girl who goes out with an Afghan refugee.

But in this case, Mr. and Mrs. Fugmann were cashing in on the refugee crisis (“the other Syrian refugees accommodated in his apartments”). They hired Mohammad as a prop to virtue-signal and have a competitive edge over other salons, paraded him to the press like an exotic pet, and fed the public a whole bunch of lies.

Vlad Tepes Blog:

Do you remember this story? Mohammad will style your hair – and slit your throat.

In short: Ilona Fugmann decided to give Mohammad, the handsome Syrian refugee, a position in her hair salon. His “skills had immediately convinced her.” The whole town was amazed, and he was touted across the nation as a role model for integration.

Then, much to everyone’s surprise, one day, he attempted to slit his bosses’ throat, wounding her badly. The case is in court right now.

It turns out, Mrs. Fugmann wasn’t speaking of Mohammad’s hairdresser skills. And, Mohammad hadn’t accidentally come to her salon looking for a job, like she told the press last year, either. But see for yourself.


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