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Unmentioned in the article but heavily mentioned in the comments is that the racial demographic with the highest homicide rate has reduced as a percentage of East Palo Alto’s population from 61.1% in 1980 to 15.8% in 2010 (and likely lower now). That demographic is African-Americans, a group with a homicide rate over ten times that of non-Hispanic whites.

It is this sort of ignoring the obvious that ensured the label of fake news so easily sticks to mainstream media. The demographic change that has most likely caused East Palo Alto to shed its ‘murder capital’ status is ignored because it does not fit the politically-correct narrative that all people and groups are equal.

Mercury News:

They were toddlers when their town earned the dubious distinction of America’s murder capital a quarter-century ago. In this bayside community bypassed by Silicon Valley’s wealth, gunfire became the soundtrack to childhoods spent avoiding parks and hustling home before dark.

Now, as Detective Lydia Cardoza and Officers Jose Luaorozco and Robert Olvera patrol East Palo Alto’s streets, their Peninsula hometown that witnessed so much tragedy has undergone a transformation few had imagined possible. Violent crime has dropped precipitously — by over 60 percent in the past 25 years. Murder has almost vanished.

“Now you see people jogging, and kids playing in the parks,” said Luaorozco, a 26-year-old Marine veteran and two-year officer who once lived on Dumbarton Avenue. “They’re not worried if there’s going to be a drive-by shooting.”


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