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23-year-old Syrian Ahmad Al-H. attacks Germans “including a mother with a small child” with a knife in a subway station.

Der Spiegel (translated):

The knife attack on New Year’s Eve in Berlin-Schöneberg may have an Islamist background. According to information of the Tagesspiegels abused the originating from Syria, 23-year-old offender Ahmad Al-H. in the subway station Bayerischer Platz the victim as unbelievers. Previously, the knife had asked the 50-year-old man if he was a Turk. The victim denied and pretended to be German. The 50-year-old suffered a slight injury in the attack.

The Syrian also attacked other people, including a mother with a small child. The persons, all Germans without migration background, remained uninjured. The police alerted them arrested the offender. Officers took the man who made a confused impression on them to a clinic where he was examined by a psychiatrist. Meanwhile, there is a “judicial accommodation decision”, Al-H. was admitted to a detention center.

In their press release, the police had only said that the perpetrator had asked the 50-year-old about his nationality. The fact that the knife attack could have a political background, opened up from the sentence, the further processing has taken over the police state security at the State Office of Criminal Investigation. The state protection is switched on the suspicion on politically motivated crime.


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