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22-year-old Afghan gets away with a slap on the wrist for sexually harassing a 15-year-old girl. This and a lot worse occurs across Germany between migrants and German females on a daily basis. What type of a people would allow this to occur?


When 15-year-old Sabine (name changed) comes home from school on July 13, 2017, she breaks down in the kitchen. She cries and trembles and hardly calms down. In a tear-stained voice, Sabine tells her grandmother, in whom she lives in Altötting district, that she has been sexually molested by a foreigner in a school bus.

The first such harassment took place on 10th July. The Afghan, allegedly 22 years old, had placed himself in the school bus in the row next to the teenager. “He played with his genitals over the pants and kept looking in my direction,” says Sabine.

Three days later, on 13 July, Sabine is back in the school bus, which starts at 17 clock in Altötting. Again, the Afghan sits next to the 15-year-old, so that they have a good look at him. She gets up and looks for a place further ahead, but the 22-year-old pursues her.


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Altötting, Bavaria, Germany

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