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What is the ethnic composition of the escapees? What is the ethnic composition of the guards?

Radio Hamburg:

Seven prisoners escaped from the prison in Berlin-Plötzensee within a week. So far, the police have been unable to arrest any of the six remaining prisoners. On Thursday, four inmates between the ages of 27 and 38 had broken the prison wall with a power cutter and a heavy hammer and escaped. On Friday it became known that another inmate had not returned from the open execution.

One showed remorse

On Monday morning (01.01.) Were then two more prisoners from the open prison fled, one of them, however, already reported back. The two last escaped had got out through the window of a neighboring cell. “They could have just left the prison the next morning through the door,” said a spokesman for the Senate justice administration on Tuesday morning. The two prisoners were in open detention because of multiple black traffic, were allowed to leave the prison during the day, they only had to spend the night behind bars.

One of them returned to the prison that evening. After another – and the five previously escaped prisoners – the police continued to search on Tuesday. The returned prisoner would have his punishment until 18.
February, the second until March 31st. The privileges of the open execution would have forfeited the two by their flight and would now spend the rest of the sentence in a closed sentence, said the spokesman.


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