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Only 18% of homicides involving a firearm even had arrests. Eight photographs of victims give an indication of the communities in which the killings are taking place: overwhelmingly non-white communities.

Toronto Star:

Lurking beneath Toronto’s 61 homicides in 2017 — a drop from last year’s 73 but about average over the past two decades — is the continuing troubling trend of declining clearance rates.

Police this year arrested, or issued arrest warrants, for murder suspects in 25 of Toronto’s 61 homicides recorded in 2017, a clearance rate of 41 per cent which is one of the lowest on record.

The solve rate jumps to 82 per cent when something other than a gun was used to end a life. (These figures do not include the shocking hanging deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman. Toronto police continue to investigate and have said only that the deaths are “suspicious.”)


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