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Who were these 40 or 50 people who used “bottles, stones and guns against the vehicles and police officers”? The article doesn’t say.

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung (translated):

On New Year’s Eve, rioters at the Connewitzer Kreuz in Leipzig threw police officers at Böllern and stones. Over loudspeakers the officials had warned the attackers, communicated the police in Leipzig on Monday morning. As they continued to resist, the police used water cannons against them. Several people were taken into custody for serious breach of the peace. The police are investigating.

By 0 o’clock about 1000 people would have gathered in the area of ​​the Connewitzer cross. After several garbage cans and various objects were lit there, the police moved with water cannons to extinguish the fires.


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Leipzig, Saxony is in the middle of the map below.

62.6° N
10.1° W
34.9° E
40.1° N


Leipzig, Saxony, Germany

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