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Despite a massive police presence, “13 sexual assault charges were also filed during the night”.

More indicative of recent trends:

As in the previous year, the security forces were again attacked themselves. At the “Pallasstraße” in Schöneberg, young people were deliberately throwing fireworks. Among other things, a 16-year-old was arrested at midnight after she had attacked the police several times. She had 44 illegal gunmen being confiscated. The police investigate because of particularly serious breach of the peace. The Police Union (GdP) criticized that it had become a “trend sport” to attack police on New Year’s Eve. The intensity of the attacks is increasing. The rule of law has so far failed to show the attackers clear boundaries. This is also played from this page with the lives of police officers.

The fire brigade also reported on attacks on emergency services: “What worries us and was unfortunately also noted this night were attacks and threats of emergency services,” said fire service spokesman Thomas Kirstein on New Year’s morning. “A colleague was severely beaten in Lichtenrade and suffered injuries.”

Berliner Morgenpost (translated):

New Year’s Eve has been largely peaceful in Berlin. With regard to accidents and emergencies, it had been “surprisingly quiet” until shortly after midnight, said a police spokesman. That applies not only to the party mile, but to the whole city. A total of 1,600 additional police officers and more than 1,400 firefighters and rescue workers were deployed in Berlin.

Between 6 and 6 o’clock on New Year’s morning, the police dispatch center received 3084 emergency calls (3123 in the previous year). Overall, the officials had to handle 1732 missions (1669 in the previous year). The most common occasions were improper use of pyrotechnics, brawls and property damage.

In addition to various criminal charges, among others for unauthorized pyrotechnics, drug-related crimes, assaults and pickpocketing, 13 sexual assault charges were also filed during the night. Seven suspects could be arrested in these cases.


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