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No doubt, Trudeau will be properly compassionate when the returning jihadis apply their rape, killing and mutilation skills to Canadians.

Daily Telegraph:

Canadian child prime minister Justin Trudeau is a glass half full kind of boy.

For example, he sees a positive side to the prospect of murderous head-lopping battle-hardened Islamic State psychopaths returning from Syria and Iraq to Canada – or, as Justin calls it, their “home”:

“There’s a range of experiences when people come home. We know that actually someone who has engaged and turned away from that hateful ideology can be an extraordinarily powerful voice for preventing radicalization in future generations and younger people within the community,” he said.


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Ottawa - capital of Canada - is in the middle of the map below.

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Ottawa, Canada

Canada (CA) is estimated to have a population of 36.4 million with a growth rate during 2010-2015 of 1.0% pa.
At the same rate of change, in five years' time its population will increase by 1.9 million.