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A cause of the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar ignored by Western media has been the attacks by Rohingya on non-Muslims. This article highlights that Rohingya jihadis have been used against non-Muslims in neighboring Thailand for at least a decade. Both Myanmar and Thailand are Buddhist countries under attack by Islamist insurgencies.

Indian Express:

Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dining room and a central hall. But the sparse two-floor house-for-rent wasn’t open for entrepreneurs flocking to the exuberant town of Mae Sot on Thailand’s border with Myanmar: dealers in electronics and used cars, smuggled gems and teak, narcotics, laundered cash and trafficked women.

Its clientele was special: Khalistan terrorists from India and the UK, Lashkar-linked operatives from Myanmar’s troubled Rakhine state, Bangladesh jihadists, all arriving for discreet, week-long courses in the art of fabricating improvised explosive devices.

This month, photographs surfaced of Rohingya jihadists from the Harakah al-Yakin posing with newly opened crates of Kalashnikov assault rifles. The discovery has sparked growing concern among intelligence services from Myanmar, Bangladesh, India and Thailand that a new arms smuggling route could have opened up, linking the terror group with South-East Asia’s Golden Triangle, heartland of the region’s narcotics trade.


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Mae Sot, Tak Province, Thailand

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