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Trudeau is increasingly getting caught making ethical or moral errors with regards to money and Islamists. In an update to this story:
Trudeau claims he’s “frustrated and outraged” over “having” to make the payout, even though it was his decision. With Canada’s largest law firm, the Department of Justice, working for Trudeau he’s capable of fighting a lawsuit for a decade.

Allowing for a trial would’ve given Canada’s government the ability to prove Khadr was a terrorist and murderer that Canada never had custody over. Even if Khadr won the suit, the government would at least be on record as having opposed a payout and the guilt would be on the judges.

Instead, Trudeau expedited the payment, hid it from the families of Khadr’s victims, and apologized to a terrorist on behalf of Canadians.

Rebel Media:

Remember the bizarre case of Joshua Boyle? He took his pregnant wife and his kids into Taliban-controlled territory in Afghanistan.

He was captured by Muslim terrorists, who raped his wife again and again.

Terrorist don’t just let prisoners go. They ransom them. Do you doubt that Justin Trudeau paid, say, $10.5 million to ransom this idiot and his family?

I mention $10.5 million because that’s what Trudeau paid to Omar Khadr personally.


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