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Since the 2011 census, Luton has become one of three white British-minority towns in the United Kingdom. It was announced in a report based on the census figures that along with Leicester and Slough, Luton was one of three towns outside London where the indigenous population was now a minority, making up only 45% of Luton’s population.
Also, it states:
In the ten-year period since the United Kingdom Census 2001, the percentage of inhabitants in Luton reporting being Christian fell from 60 to 47%. Meanwhile, those reporting being Muslim increased from 15 to 25%.


Luton Council have confirmed there’ll be armed police patrolling the town centre this Christmas – clearly the terror threat is now too great to risk not having officers with firearms wandering the streets.

There will be armed police in and around the town centre this festive season – there is no specific threat,
@bedspolice is just making sure everyone is safe. 👍

— Luton Council (@lutoncouncil) December 16, 2017


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Luton, Bedfordshire is in the middle of the map below.

63.1° N
22.9° W
22.1° E
40.6° N


Luton, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

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At the same rate of change, in five years' time its population will increase by 2 million.