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Note the difference: Canada’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, a Somali, wants to revoke citizenship of a man ACCUSED of helping round up Muslims where seven of them ended up killed, but has no problem allowing former members of the Islamic State, an armed terrorist group, returning to Canada and resuming their lives.

National Post:

Canada’s immigration minister has started a court action to revoke citizenship from a man accused of Bosnian war crimes who was allowed into Canada in 1997 and granted citizenship in 2004.

The government alleges Bozo Jozepovic lied to immigration officials about his history in a Bosnian Croat militia, and says he was involved in a 1993 incident that saw Bosnian Muslims rounded up and detained in an elementary school basement. Seven Muslims were killed, partially burned and buried in a mass grave, according to court documents.

Jozepovic, 51, has a wife and two daughters and lives on the outskirts of Hamilton, Ont. Originally a coal miner in Bosnia, he appears to have spent most of his time in Canada working as a trucker. A person who answered the phone at his home said the family does not want to speak to the media.


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