131950Z DEC 17


Kosovar (Albanian) vs Serb, Afghan vs Afghan violence involving fists and blackjacks.
The month before, six to eight Chechens hammered at an 18-year-old Syrian with batons and a pistol. In about the same time, an Iraqi was stabbed in the Volksgarten and seriously injured.

Wochen Blick (translated):

At the weekend it has cracked again in Upper Austria: In Steyr cooked a 43-year-old Kosovare and a 38-year-old Serb their old differences again and delivered themselves in a betting shop a decent brawl.

But also in Linz it was to: In the peaceful glow of the Christmas market at the Volksgarten beaten several Afghan asylum seekers.

The Volksgarten is always the center of attention of “uncomfortable events” ( “Wochenblick” reported ).


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Linz, Upper Austria is in the middle of the map below.

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Linz, Upper Austria, Austria

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