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Erdogan talked of revising borders and complaineed about Greece’s treatment of its Muslim minority. The Islamist Turkish leader has a history of denying the genocide of millions of Christian Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians and other ethnic minorities in Greece in the years around 1920. Greece’s far left-wing prime minister Alexis Tsipras however did not bring up any of these facts.

Yahoo News:

Greece and Turkey on Thursday agreed to work on confidence-boosting measures after a rocky start to a landmark two-day state visit to Athens by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Erdogan, making the first visit to Greece by a Turkish head of state in 65 years, had earlier angered his hosts with talk of revising borders and complaints about Greece’s treatment of its Muslim minority.

“We agreed to resume talks on confidence-building and security measures,” Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said at a news conference after a long meeting with Erdogan.


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Athens - capital of Greece - is in the middle of the map below.

49.2° N
1.3° E
46.3° E
26.7° N


Athens, Greece

Greece (GR) is estimated to have a population of 10.9 million with a growth rate during 2010-2015 of -0.4% pa.
At the same rate of change, in five years' time its population will decrease by 0.2 million.