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The stabbing suspect, Rohinie Bisesar, is of South Asian ancestry. Strong evidence has her murdering a 28-year-old newlywed in 2015.

National Post:

When she was finished speaking Monday, Rohinie Bisesar smiled and thanked the judge. She left the witness box clutching a sheaf of loose papers to her chest; a boxy tan jacket swallowed her skeletal frame. As she walked back to the prisoner’s booth, the smile stayed painted on her lips. She gazed glassily into the gallery as if expecting to see a familiar face. When she sat, she pushed the papers back into a huge, clear sack then sipped from a plastic water glass. Her hand, the long nails visible from three rows back, quivered and shook.

For several hours in court this week, Bisesar, 41, who stands accused of first-degree murder, unspooled the contents of a gravely ill mind. She told the court, in winding rambles, about an unknown entity that speaks to her and sometimes controls her actions. “It’s a real time, progressive dialogue and conversation,” she said. “Whoever it is will tell me something, I’ll tell them to go away.” The voice has made her hit herself, she said. It made her smash a mirror. It spoke to her even in court. At one point, just before pulling on the jacket, she asked the judge to repeat something. “I have somebody communicating with me,” she said. “I have to listen to both of you at the same time.”


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