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There is no description of the Achievement Academy student apart from her being an 18-year-old female. The state of Maryland tells us that of Achievement Academy’s 379 students in 2017, 362 are listed as “Black or African American”.

Also, the headline underplays the crime committed by the student: she threw bleach not just “onto” the officer but into the officer’s eyes. The bleach also went onto another two people including into the eyes of a hall monitor.

Baltimore Sun:

A Baltimore city school police officer was doused with bleach Tuesday while breaking up a fight at Achievement Academy, district officials said.

When a student threw bleach in the officer’s eyes, it also splattered in the eyes of a hall monitor and onto the clothes of another student, said city schools spokeswoman Edie House-Foster.

The officer and hall monitor were taken to a hospital for treatment. Both were released later in the afternoon and are expected to fully recover, House-Foster said. The student did not require treatment.


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