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Neighborhood Scout ranks Detroit as the city having the eighth highest murder rate in the US over 2017 so far.

Detroit News:

Saturday’s quadruple shooting at the Noel Night festivities has organizers considering canceling the 45-year-old event, while others are concerned the incident could dissuade Amazon and other businesses from investing in Detroit.

The gunfire, which wounded four people, is the latest black eye for a city struggling to shed the decades-old stigma of being a dangerous place to visit. In June, two shootings left three injured at the downtown fireworks show. There also have been several recent violent episodes in Greektown, including an incident this weekend in which a man was shot in the Greektown Hotel elevator.

The latest incident is another stark reminder that for all its touted progress, Detroit remains the nation’s most violent big city. The shooting also has prompted Detroit Police Chief James Craig to consider imposing a curfew for future Noel Nights — if the event is not discontinued, which organizers say is a possibility.


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