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All three men are black. According to official Bureau of Justice Statistics figures, blacks are at least ten times more likely to commit homicides than whites, a pattern that holds from at least 1980. But the reason is not poverty.

KSBH Kansas City:

Kansas City police have arrested three alleged gang members, all of whom the department believes may be connected to 10 homicides and at least 20 other crimes in the Kansas City area.

Chrizion Banks, 20, Trevontae Stewart, 24, and Cedric Ford, 28, are all members of the “Young Hitters” gang, according to police, and now face federal charges after their Nov. 29 arrests. Banks faces a robbery charge. Stewart and Ford, both felons, were charged with illegal firearm possession.

All three men were on Kansas City’s No Violence Alliance (NoVA) list of people who are wanted in connection with violent crime in the KC metro area.


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