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The joint US-Australian secret signals intelligence base at Pine Gap has been the target of far-left protesters since the 1980s. These “peace pilgrims” are the latest installment of their antics.


Six ‘peace pilgrims’ who trespassed at Australia’s top secret military intelligence base Pine Gap last year could face up to seven years in jail.

The anti-war activists were this month found guilty of unlawful entry at the joint US defence facility near the Northern Territory’s Alice Springs, where they were found chanting, praying, and playing music.

Queenslanders Jim Dowling, Franz Dowling, Andy Paine, Tim Webb, Margaret Pestorius and Paul Christie will appear for sentencing in the Brisbane Federal Court on Monday.


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Pine Gap, Northern Territory is in the middle of the map below.

12.5° S
111.2° E
156.2° E
35° S


Pine Gap, Northern Territory, Australia

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