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Five black New Jersey churches were attacked … “by one man, who was a former congregant of one of the churches.” But before it was revealed, Newsweek couldn’t help but imply it was whites:
Hate crimes in the United States have increased since President Donald Trump took office, with more than 6,100 reported instances in 2016, up from more 5,800 in 2015, according to Federal Bureau of Investigations data.
We know that at least hundreds of these are hate hoaxes and many hundreds more are against whites.

Steve Sailer recently noted the 30th anniversary of the seminal hate hoax, that of Tawana Brawley.

Unz Review:

From Newsweek on Sunday:


BY LAUREN GILL ON 11/26/17 AT 10:07 AM

Vandals struck five New Jersey churches with predominantly black congregations this weekend — incidents that police are investigating as possible hate crimes. …

The five churches that were victims of the crime were Baptist, Methodist Episcopal and Pentecostal, led by black preachers, and with strong black followings. …

New Jersey’s governor-elect responded to the news on Twitter, condemning the vandals for their “cowardly acts.”

“Disgusted by reported vandalism of African-American churches across Morristown. These cowardly acts will not shake our faith,” wrote Phil Murphy. “They will renew our determination to come together as one NJ.”


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