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20 Pakistani and Afghan migrants new to a neighborhood attempt to gang rape a 30-year-old woman. The woman’s brothers rescue her but not before they are attacked.


An incredible adventure and bloody, according to confirmed information, lived a family and residents in the area of ​​the Workers’ Residences in the city of Argos in Argolis on the afternoon of Sunday 19 November 2017.

It all started when a 30-year-old girl, after a quarrel with her mother, wanted to come out of her house and walk to calm down.

For bad luck, however, the 30-year-old went through a house where many Asian immigrants, possibly Pakistani and Afghan, have been installed lately. In the view of the young girl a group of immigrants of about 20 people came out of the house with wild moods and began to attack and hate her. The frightened girl began to shout, and for her good fortune at that moment her brother returned, who “fell” on the incident, who intervened without getting caught with them. The other brother came out of the house of the family and went to the place where the incident took place. At that time, more Asians came out of the house with cadrons and attacked the two brothers, resulting in a conflict and injuring both.

Πηγή: Unbelievable incident in Argos: A group of 20 immigrants encircled and began to suffer young |


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Argos, Peloponnese, Greece

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