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Former tourist attractions such as Alexanderplatz and similar places in France and other Western European countries are increasingly becoming dangerous for tourists to visit.

Voice of Europe:

Alexanderplatz (Alexander Square) was once a vibrant tourist attraction visited yearly by thousands of people; now, however, it has become a crime ridden hive it would be smart to avoid.

On average there are more than 18 crimes per day at Alexanderplatz. The number of crimes for the first ten months of 2017 totalled 5,631.

Despite an increased police presence theft and assaults, as well as drug crimes, have all gone up. It has officially been classified as the most crime ridden area in all of Germany.

Just this weekend 61 people were arrested there; multiple cases of underage drinking and one sexual assault had occurred. The police are now allowed to check for ID without suspicion of a crime.


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