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20-year-old woman from Somali exposed students and staff to tuberculosis. As a result, 88 people are at risk to catching the disease.

In how many ways have the good people of Bavaria been enriched over the last two years?


As the district office Altoetting announces on Monday, November 20, already on October 16, 2017, a 20-year-old woman from Somalia was admitted to the district hospital Altötting inpatient, which suffered from the beginning of October to cough, fever and weakness. In the district hospital, the disease was diagnosed as overt pulmonary tuberculosis. Since March, the young woman has been attending a vocational integration class of the Berufsschulen Altötting-Unterneukirchen.

The health department Altötting has identified 88 contact persons of the ill woman as part of its environmental investigation. According to the recommendations of the German Central Committee for the Control of Tuberculosis (DZK), contact persons are, inter alia, people who, in the last six months prior to illness, have spent a total of more than eight hours together with the patient in a closed room in a microscopic pulmonary tuberculosis.

The head of the public health department Altötting Franz Schuhbeck recommends that all contact persons of the diseased young woman undergo an X-ray examination of the lungs for a persistent cough, fever or new weakness. This can be arranged by the family doctor. By appointment 08671 502-910, the X-ray examination of the lungs can also be done via the Altötting Public Health Office.


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