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Four youths aged 15 and 16 from Afghanistan destroy refugee accommodation and a police car.
The police had initially reported a damage to property in and on the building and a police car of 20,000 euros, the manager estimated the property damage now at around 3,000 euros. This week we have received further photos of the devastation inside the dorm, which is not habitable as of today.


After four inhabitants devastated an accommodation for unaccompanied minor refugees in the Falkenfels district of Hirschberg (the weekly newspaper reported), a crisis summit took place last week. District Administrator Josef Laumer and representatives of the supporting association, police, community, youth and immigration office as well as the home supervisor of the government of Lower Bavaria discussed the current situation and set the direction for the future. Meanwhile, the district administrator, together with member of parliament Alois Rainer and mayor Ludwig Ettl made a picture of the situation on site.

“This should be prevented by all available means in the future and may no longer occur,” said Laumer. “The local people do not feel safe anymore. But our job is to be there for the people in our region. Protecting the public is an absolute priority for me. That’s why I’ve been pushing for the three main ringleaders not to return here. Not to reward them, but to take into account the fears and worries of the people here. There are also many points where we hope for help in Berlin. ”

The rioters were four youths (15, 16) from Afghanistan. Three ringleaders will not return to Hirschberg, announced the district office. In addition, there will be a revised “Crisis and Protection Concept”. Among other things, the maximum occupancy in the facility should be six people. At the time of the riot on the previous Saturday, there were seven youths, who had been sent by various youth welfare offices in Bavaria. The dormitory is designed for traumatized and psychologically conspicuous young people and the only therapeutic facility for underage refugees in Lower Bavaria.


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Falkenfels, Bavaria, Germany

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