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27-year-old Algerian man sexually assaults a woman then stabs her boyfriend four times when he came to her defense. Of all migrants to Germany, Algerians in 2016 were found to have the highest crime rate.

Die Welt (translated):

On the way home a couple is approached by a man. First he wants a cigarette, then he opens his fly, he touches the woman. When her friend struggles, the man stings.

shock is written on the young man’s face. With his eyes wide open, he sits on the dirty stone slabs of a sidewalk, leaning against the façade of an office building in the middle of downtown Hamburg. He gropes his thigh. When he pulls back his fingers, they are full of blood.

It comes from four puncture wounds , as the doctors recognize in the shock room of a nearby clinic a little later. Luckily, the stitches did not penetrate deep into the tissue. They remained superficial, as a police spokesman puts it. There is no danger to life, and the injuries will probably heal easily. But the events of the night will certainly accompany the 29-year-old for a long time.


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