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17-year-old Iraqi male beat two girls and a woman. The police arrested and then released the Iraqi.

Freie Zeiten (translated):

First he made them advances, then he totally rested: A 17-year-old has hit two girls and a young woman at the station in Hildesheim. The police subsequently released him.

A 13-year-old Serbian, a 14-year-old German and a 22-year-old Serb were beaten and injured on Saturday by a young Iraqi in Hildesheim. The two girls had been stubbornly addressed by the 17-year-old early Saturday morning at the main station. But they were not interested in a flirtation and asked him to leave her alone. As a result, the immigrant cursed the two girls, police said on Sunday.

In the course of the young man grabbed a half-full PET bottle and hit her the 13-year-olds several times in the face. Her companion got a hard slap from the perpetrator. The students communicated with the mobile phone the 22-year-old sister of the younger ones. When she arrived at the station, the man went on her and missed her a punch in the face.


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Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, Germany

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