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Over 200 churches have recently been damaged in Bavaria by persons unknown. Some of the churches are in the highest part of the Alps. Islamists are suspects in many of the cases.

The European:

It has happened again: On the 1766 meter high mountain “Kotzen” near the Upper Bavarian Lenggries again a four meter high summit cross was sawn.
The “investigation group summit cross” of the police from Bad Tölz was reconvened.

Already last year, the chairman of the Tölz Alpine Club section, Paul Schenk, had to declare “I am stunned”. Once again one of its summit crosses has been sawn off: The summit cross on the “Scharfreiter” near Lenggries has been destroyed again. This time the offender did not use an ax like the end of August, but a saw. The Münchner Merkur reports: “Already weeks ago it had become clear that with the new summit cross not the hoped-for rest on the Scharfreiter returned: hikers had discovered a several centimeters deep notch in the bar of the new cross, which 30 members of the Tölzer Alpenvereinssektion am October 1 had laboriously transported to the highest mountain and Mount Isarwinkler. “Meanwhile investigates the Criminal Investigation Weilheim. The anger in the population is great. “This is cowardly and a slap in the face for all members of the section and those who are otherwise involved,” complains Schenk also with a view to the Tölz vocational students who had made the cross in the context of a project group. A Tölz couple had donated the necessary wood.


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Kotzen, Bavaria is in the middle of the map below.

58.8° N
11° W
34° E
36.3° N


Kotzen, Bavaria, Germany

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