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Turkish nationalists in Europe are often involved in violence against Kurds in Europe, one reason the headline would be a concern. Another is the spying by Turks in Europe for Turkey.

More generally, ideological and criminal infiltration of Berlin police by men of Turkish and Arab backgrounds has been a high-profile subject recently in city and national media.

Berliner Morgenpost (translated):

In the debate about training at the police academy in Spandau new allegations emerge. Educational officials confirm the criticism of the lack of quality of the graduates. As reported by the “Spiegel”, some time ago almost a whole class had failed in shooting training exercises, citing an official. “If they can do practically nothing, what about the legal basis?”

Police trainers would also take care of the subjects of political education and history in their theoretical education. These are as important as the proper handling of the firearm, a teacher told the magazine. “If that fails, we’ll have hell in the street in a few years.” A spokesman for the Berlin police rejected these representations, however: “It opens up to me not at all, which connection here between the achievements with the shooting training and possible competences in the legal matter has been constructed,” said a police spokesman of the Berliner Morgenpost. “That’s bizarre.” It is true that a class completed the shooting tests later than planned as part of the training because of the existing bottlenecks at the shooting ranges and successfully passed. “Obviously, it is a very important goal of the police academy officials to recognize trainees in a timely manner whose suitability is doubtful, especially with regard to the rule of law and personal integrity,” he added. “If these doubts have substance and weight, we separate ourselves from these trainees.”

Benjamin Jendro, spokesman for the Union of Police (GdP), demanded: “The structural reform at the police academy must be stopped immediately and the problems are tackled at the root.” It must be looked at during the training exactly on whether the trainee fits the job. Jendro stressed that the recruitment requirements had not changed, but the exam requirements. “Today graduates of the Academy pass the exams that would have failed a few years ago.”


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