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It appears the left-wing government of Vienna tried to conceal this fact:
On the official list of the most popular children’s names of the city of Vienna is no Mohammad – in the internal version of the magistrate, which is not sent to the media, but very well: The Muslim name is already in 5th place of the top 10. “Both lists are We certainly do not want to conceal anything, that will be corrected, “says the spokesman for the Viennese mayor.

Krone (translated):

David in front of Maximilian, Alexander, Paul, Luke, Leon, Elias, Tobias, Benjamin and Noah: On the official website of the Municipality of the City of Vienna several names from the Bible are in the top 10, Muslim first names are missing from this list , despite the for years, increased influxes from Arab countries to the federal capital documented.

When searching the “crown” but now another list appeared: On this, the officials – correctly – the different spellings of names (Alexander / Aleksander or just Mohammad / Muhammad) added. And in this ranking, Mohammad has been among the top five most popular children’s names since 2014. The number is increasing: In 2010, 99 parents named their boy Mohammad, in 2016 there were already 124.


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