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Kreuzberg is a well-known district of Berlin, a city known to be infested with immigrant crime both unorganized and organized.

Der Spiegel (translated):

This time it was just a pineapple that ended up as a missile. “But one day there will be deaths in front of our stand,” says the greengrocer. A gloomy prognosis, but it gives the feeling that here in Kreuzberg around Kottbusser Tor many traders share. “It’s getting worse,” says the dealer. Almost every day he and his colleagues call the police . “But they do not do anything.”

The traders on “Kotti” have been complaining for some time about violence and crime at their door. Mostly it was drug dealers who were hanging around here. They all came from Algeria, Morocco, or Libya. They take vegetables and fruits from the table, steal customers, complains the dealer, who does not want to read his name in the newspaper. Often there are fights.

So also on Saturday evening. As reported, a presumptive dealer, who had served himself time and again on the fruit stand, the seller threw a pineapple, as this called him to order. The pineapple just missed the man. The launcher wanted to flee, the dealer tried to hold him. The launcher attacked the fruit seller. At that moment, police officers arrived and arrested the pineapple launcher. They found narcotics with him. The officials took the 31-year-old with. The prosecution investigates for robbery theft and the suspicion of drug trafficking.


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Berlin - capital of Germany - is in the middle of the map below.

63.8° N
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Berlin, Germany

Germany (DE) is estimated to have a population of 82.2 million with a growth rate during 2010-2015 of 0.1% pa.
At the same rate of change, in five years' time its population will increase by 0.4 million.
However, the rate has been much higher since 2015 when two million immigrants entered Germany (1.14 million net).