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Key points/questions from the author:
1. The graffiti was immediately painted over and was not still visible when police arrived.
2. Why was the $21 million dollar mansion’s surveillance camera not working?
3. Why were there no photos taken by others in the neighborhood?
4. If it actually happened, who did this?
In answer to the last question the author writes:: “Was it actually a racist white person — as everyone in the media immediately assumed — or was it someone trying to draw attention to racism who may well have been black? Hell, could it have even been one of LeBron’s employees trying to draw attention to himself?” The circumstances imply it is yet another hate hoax.

OutKick the Coverage:

Six months ago LeBron James reported racist graffiti had been spraypainted on the gate of his $21 million dollar Los Angeles mansion. The sports media immediately fell all over themselves to pronounce LeBron a heroic victim and cast the blame upon a presumed racist white person.

At Outkick we took some heat from the usual media circles for suggesting we wait to see who was responsible for the graffiti before we utilized this allegation to provide further evidence that our world view was correct. Here was my article from immediately after the alleged crime occurred.

Well, in the wake of multiple fake racism stories exploding on the national scene in the past several weeks — with Michael Bennett in Las Vegas being proven a liar about the police, at Air Force, at Kansas State, and at Eastern Michigan — all stories where the alleged perpetrator ended up being a lying black man trying to draw attention to himself with allegations of fake racism, I thought it made sense to reach back out to the Los Angeles Police department and find out the latest on the LeBron James racist graffiti investigation.


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