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Weaponized drones have already been used to deliver explosives to targets by IS in the Middle East. As with many things terror-related, this is less effective than conventional means but its novelty heightens the terror angle.

Zero Hedge:

In what appears to be an expertly timed exercise in fearmongering less than two weeks after the horrifying Halloween terror attack in lower Manhattan Рthe deadliest attack in America’s financial center since 9/11 Рthe Department of Homeland Security has issued a bulletin warning the public about the risk of drones being used to facilitate acts of terrorism.

Drones, which are now easy to obtain and modify in potentially deadly ways (one Connecticut man was investigating after he published a video of a drone equipped to fire a nine-millimeter) DHS is warning about the threat of weaponized drones being used to carry out chemical attacks and the targeting of commercial aircraft, according to ABC.

“We continue to face one of the most challenging threat environments since 9/11, as foreign terrorist organizations exploit the internet to inspire, enable or direct individuals already here in the homeland to commit terrorist acts,” reads the bulletin.


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