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The video showing Nepali students beaten, bullied is suspiciously so it is difficult to make out the races of the people fighting. In past incidents this has been deliberate to not let a politically incorrect narrative get out.

Cross-checking the location of the Eleven Oaks Apartments (5546 Indian Oaks Drive, Louisville, KY 40219) with a racial dot-map of Louisville shows the incident occurred in a heavily black area (lower right cluster of blue dots at the previous link).

Wave 3 News:

A disturbing video has surfaced of a fight that occurred on Monday outside the Eleven Oaks Apartments off Indian Oaks Circle.

It appears to show a group of Southern High School students from Nepal being kicked, pushed, and knocked to the ground by classmates when they got off the school bus.

“My life was threatened yesterday,” one of the Nepali students told WAVE 3 News. “Makes me feel angry and also sad because I don’t know why.”


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Louisville, Kentucky is in the middle of the map below.

49.5° N
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Louisville, Kentucky, United States

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