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You can understand the British government would be sensitive about criticism when it is called out by foreign journalists for (among other things) looking the other way when the most horrendous sexual crimes are committed against vulnerable British girls by men of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin.
An episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight on 25 May, days after the Manchester terrorist attack, accused the British government and authorities of failing to counter terrorism, stop radicalisation and protect “thousands of underage girls” from rape and abuse. It included claims that authorities failed to act because of political correctness and because they valued how people saw them over the lives of children. They were accused of forcing an “official lie” on citizens that was “totalitarian” and “wicked”.

The Guardian:

The media regulator Ofcom has ruled that the Fox News programmes Hannity and Tucker Carlson Tonight breached impartiality rules covering British broadcasting.

The rulings relate to coverage of the Manchester Arena bombing in May and Donald Trump’s executive order in January that restricted travel to the US from seven majority-Muslim countries.

Investors interpreted the rulings as a setback for the Murdoch family’s hopes of taking full control of Sky, sending shares in the satellite broadcaster down 1.7% on Monday.


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