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Afghans and Syrians have been in the news over the last two years for migrant crime in Germany. Surprisingly, neither Afghanistan nor Syria are Germany’s migrant crime champion. This article reveals the country that is.


CIW NEWS – If medals were awarded for migrant crime in Germany, which country would top the medal count? CIW NEWS answers the question by combining data from Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) and its Federal Statistics Office (DEStatis).



Germany’s BKA produces Police Criminal Statistics (PKS) annually. Part of each year’s PKS is a data table showing numbers of crimes by offenders’ country of origin.

Upper left-hand corner of table of crimes by offenders’ country of origin


The 1062 crimes in rows along the table’s left-hand side are from Germany’s Crime Catalog. Each row is part of a hierarchy of catalogued crimes.

Start of crime catalog showing hierarchy of crimes


The hierarchy contains nine top-level crime categories such as 000000 – Crimes against life and 100000 – Crimes against sexual self-determination shown above.

CIW NEWS uses each of these nine categories plus the super category of overall crimes (Straftaten insgesamt) to determine Germany’s migrant crime champion.

Which country prevails in each of the ten categories is not based on the highest absolute number of crimes per country but on the highest criminality as a multiple of the German crime rate.

The multiple of the German crime rate for crimes committed in Germany is determined as:


For example, for the first non-German country in the PKS table, Afghanistan, the multiple for 2016 is calculated as:

which equals 21.4, where:


The result of 21.4 in the example above means that Afghans in Germany committed crimes at 21.4 times the rate of German citizens according to police records for 2016.



To determine which country’s migrants are the most criminal, crime data for each of the 10 categories is:


Screenshots below show the table, map and chart for the super category of Overall crimes:

Start of table for Overall crimes


Color-coded map of Overall crimes as a multiple of the German rate: Green shows low multiples, orange medium, red high. White means no data is available.


Top 10 countries for Overall crimes as a multiple of the German rate


For Overall crimes, the above chart shows Algerians in Germany have the highest criminality. Their crime rate is 32.5 times that of German nationals.

The same sets of table, map and chart are available for the nine top-level crime categories via the links below:




The results for the 10 categories are:


The medal count for 2016 is therefore:


Germany’s migrant crime champion for 2016 by a large margin is Algeria. Afghanistan finished just behind second-placed Georgia. Syria failed to place despite having an Overall crime rate 14.7 times that of German nationals, and a rate for Crimes against sexual self-determination 5.3 times that of Germans.

On a more serious note, the final tally above translates into hundreds of thousands of crimes committed in Germany by Third World migrants, crimes that would not have occurred and lives of victims that would not have been harmed had these migrants not been allowed into the country.

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